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Der Bonus kann auf bis zu 200 Euro ansteigen.

Video Poker Tutorial

Play classic video poker like you're in a real casino. Bet big, hit the full house, and take the riches. It's video poker at its best with 3 amazing game modes. Double Double Bonus video poker is often referred to as 10/6, another variation of the Jacks or Better game. Play this video slot online for free. Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker, total of 17 variations plus perfect play trainer.

Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus video poker is often referred to as 10/6, another variation of the Jacks or Better game. Play this video slot online for free. Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker, total of 19 variations plus perfect play trainer. Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker, total of 17 variations plus perfect play trainer.

Video Poker Tutorial Video Poker Strategy Video

Video Poker Genius [Part 1] - Jacks or Better

‎ Learn to play Video Poker like a pro! If you want to have more fun at the casino, spend some time with the Video Poker Tutor and develop the skills you need to make it happen. The Tutor will teach you the right moves to make through fun interactive play and several levels of assistance. H. He has also produced a video poker training software called “Optimum Video Poker”. Lenny Frome – The author of Winning Strategies for Video Poker is called the “Godfather of video poker.” He was one of the first advocates of using strategy to increase your chances of winning at video poker, at a time, 20 years ago, when the game was. Video Poker is one of the few games at a casino where strategy plays a big role. You can use our trainer to learn the best play for every hand increasing the chance you will have a positive result. Simply hit deal and play as you would normally. Video Poker Trainer. Playing video poker can get frustrating once you see your bankroll is headed south due to the wrong cards you discard and hold. Fortunately, you can easily find a trainer of video poker online that will help you master your skills and become comfortable in choosing which cards to hold in order to form a high-ranked hand. Video Poker Tutorial Welcome to the free video poker tutorial section, here we have a step by step guide to alert you to every aspect of playing video poker. Below is a complete overview of how our video poker games work and operate, feel free to refer to it as often as you like until such a time as you are confident enough to play video poker online using your own newly gained experience!. Because video poker is basically the integration of poker and slot machines, its history can Online Slot Machines Real Money No Deposit Usa traced back to the invention of slot machines itself. Volatility in Video Poker Another way of looking at variance in video poker is in terms of volatility. The payout percentage determines mathematically how much you can Poker Essen to lose over the long run on a game. With this in mind, the optimal strategy is one designed to win as much as possible from each initial hand dealt. This is similar to learning basic strategy in blackjack. This means that if players do not get a three of a kind, they will not qualify for a win. That makes sense. These include games like Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Double Bonus Poker. Only a mathematically derived video poker Trainer Fcn will give you the best return. Each line below that has the cards to hold that will produce the Spiel Schweinerei highest average return. The state of Nevada takes Warum Paypal seriously, and they take a hard line against cheaters. In einem Videopoker-Spiel in einem traditionellen Kasino wirft der Spieler eine Münze ein, in einem Dame Aufstellung wählt der Spieler eine Münze aus, indem er sie auf dem Bildschirm anklickt. Spielstrategie für Videopoker Auch wenn Videopoker ein unkompliziertes und einfaches Spiel ist, werden Spieler sich Kinderspiele Auto, welche Karten sie halten sollten und wann sie alle Karten abwerfen sollten. These inflated payouts are essential to strategy and the way in which the cards are played. In the same way, it is to your advantage to break up Two Pair if one is a Spielen.S of Aces.

None of these activities are cheating, but casinos retain the option of banning players who use them. Most casinos limit this to card counters.

Counting cards in blackjack is an effective way to gamble with an edge over the casino. Learning how to play real poker with real opponents at an expert level is another way to gamble with a positive expectation.

The best sports bettors make far more money than any other kind of professional gambler, including card counters and pro poker players.

That will give you a good start on learning how to profit while betting on sports. The risk reward ratio for cheating at gambling makes it a poor gamble, even if you have no moral qualms about the activity.

You risk going to prison for years if you get caught, and casinos spend a fortune on surveillance in order to catch cheaters.

The upside includes the potential profits, but as I pointed out, you can make profits without cheating. The only other upside is the pleasure that you receive by getting away with something.

This page takes a look at some of the video poker experts on the Internet. The bogus video poker experts outnumber the legitimate video poker experts by a huge factor.

Bob Dancer — The biggest name in video poker is probably Bob Dancer. He won over a million dollars playing video in Las Vegas during a six month period.

He also teaches classes at casinos and writes some of the most detailed and accurate strategy guides available.

On his website, Dancer sells a variety of products to help novice and even intermediate video poker players improve their game. You can also buy video poker training software.

You can listen live on the Internet, and he also has an archive of his shows available for streaming on his website. You can also find Dancer occasionally teaching video poker seminars at the South Point Casino.

Check his website for his upcoming class schedule. All of his classes are free, but you must be 21 to attend. Jean Scott — Jean Scott is the author of The Frugal Gambler and its sequel More Frugal Gambling.

A particular focus of her books is the use of comps and slot clubs to get as much free stuff from the casinos as possible while playing video poker.

You can find her frequently-updated blog about playing video poker and gambling frugally at the Las Vegas Advisor website.

He is a moderator at the Wizard of Vegas forum. The Entire vpFREE Community — vpFREE is a Yahoo discussion group populated with real-life experts at video poker.

He writes a nationally syndicated column on gambling—in fact, he was the first casino gambling writer to work as a columnist at a major newspaper in the United States.

Other books in that series include The Casino Answer Book, The Craps Answer Book, and The Slot Machine Answer Book. Dan Paymar — His book Video Poker—Optimum Play is one of the most well-thought-of and respected books in the video poker gambling community.

Dan Paymar has used his training and education as a computer programmer and engineer to analyze the math behind the game.

His website includes playing strategies for at least a dozen different video poker games , as well as return tables for at least different games.

He also sells a video poker training software called, appropriately enough, Video Poker Wizard, which you can use to improve your strategic abilities.

Instead, they play the game at an extremely high level and enjoy all the perks that their skill entitles them to. Even though they look and sound alike, the two games have significant differences that any serious gambler will want to be aware of.

Both video poker and slot machines have pay tables describing the payouts for various combinations. In Jacks or Better video poker, a pair of Jacks, Queens, or Kings results in a payout of 1 to 1.

We know, mathematically, that the probability of being dealt this hand is We can do that calculation for every possible hand in the game, so we can determine two things:.

On the other hand, slot machines are programmed with an arbitrary set of symbol combinations with probabilities which are determined by the desired payback percentage for the machine.

We might know that three cherries pay off at 5 to 1, but we have no way of knowing what the probability of getting that combination is. This RNG can be programmed so that the symbol comes up once out of every ten spins, but it could also be set up so that the symbols comes up once out of every twenty spins.

To add to the obfuscation, different symbols might have different probabilities of showing up. Cherries might come up once every ten spins, but oranges might come up once every twenty spins.

And there might be as many as 20, 30, 50 or more symbols on the reels. To use a bad metaphor, choosing a slot machine is a…wait for it…a crap shoot.

Not only is the ability to actually calculate the potential payout percentage for a video poker game an advantage over slot machine games, the payout percentages on even the worst video poker games are almost always higher than on the average slot machine.

According to a survey by Strictly Slots magazine, of some of the loosest slot machines in major gambling destinations, you could find some of the following payout percentages:.

How big is the difference? Your expected loss per hour with those payout percentages look like this:. Common sense is assumed. For the most part, slot machines often offer bigger jackpots than video poker games.

You can easily find a slot machine game with two or three times that amount as the top jackpot. Another pro that slot machines offer over video poker is the lack of decision making required, and even that is only a pro to a specific set of gamblers.

Other gamblers enjoy the challenge of making strategic decisions that actually affect their outcomes. These are the same types of gamblers who enjoy blackjack, sports betting, and poker games.

No amount of strategy or good decision making will make a negative expectation video poker game into a positive expectation game, but you can get pretty close.

If you want some control over your fate and enjoy the challenge of making decisions which might or might not be correct, then video poker is probably the game for you.

On the other hand, if you just want to soak up the casino ambience and hope to get lucky, then slot machines might be a viable alternative.

Video poker training software of all kinds is available these days. This page looks at the uses of such software.

It also examines and describes some of the various types of video poker training software that are now popular. One of the most celebrated sites in the video poker niche is VideoPoker.

I practiced on the Jacks or Better software, but I only played six hands correctly. The game looks like a real video poker game from a casino.

The only disappointment I had was that there was no explanation for why I should have made different decisions, although I was able to reason through those easily enough.

One of those was Video Poker for Winners, from Bob Dancer. Not only does it include strategy trainers, it also offers bankroll and comp calculators, which are an important aspect of video poker strategy that are too often overlooked.

The site features videos of the software in use, which includes an introduction from Bob Dancer. The videos were a little more heavy on hype than I would have liked, but it was still nice to get the details of the software before buying the product.

One of the aspects I found disappointing about this sales page was the lack of a price listing. For the price, this training program is hard to beat.

The software literally only takes seconds to install when using a high speed Internet connection. I thought the classical music that played in the background was nice, but some players might find that irritating.

The outcomes vary depending on which version of video poker you are playing. These numbers, on average, represent your odds for pulling a certain hand.

After studying this payout and odds table, it is notable that there is an inequality between the odds and the payouts of some hands despite the fact that a Full House is more likely to happen than a straight or a flush but pays more than these two hands.

It is clear from the paytable that hands that are less likely to happen pay more than hands that are more likely to happen to.

Despite this, the game is in the favor of the player, which is why it can be only found online or at big land-based casinos. You are surely not going to find them in bars or other smaller gambling venues.

Players will be able to view the paytable it will not include the odds at the top of the screen right above the cards. It will give players an idea of the payouts they can earn according to their bet and their poker hand.

Although video poker is a straightforward and simple game, players will find themselves wondering what cards they should hold, and when to discard.

This simple strategy guide will be quite helpful in different situations throughout the game. Video Poker Strategy Chart:.

The first situation is when you get a low pair and one high card in your hand. You will immediately think whether to keep the low pair and go for a three of a kind, keep the high card and discard the rest to get a high and a qualifying pair or to keep the three cards and try getting two pairs.

Before making the decision, you will have to know your odds for each decision. The odds of getting the third card for a three of a kind are about 1 out of times.

The odds of getting the matching high card to form a pair are 1 out of As for the odds of getting a two pair is slightly bigger than getting three of a kind.

Therefore, it is obvious that the best course of action is to go for a qualifying pair. For example, if you get two high cards like a Queen and a Jack, the question is whether to keep both or discard them.

The best course of action is to keep the two cards and discard the rest as there is a big chance you would get another Jack or Queen, which will qualify you for a win.

If you get 3 different high cards, the best course of action is to keep two of the high cards. It does not matter which two as long as they qualify for a winning hand.

A pair of jacks pays the same as a pair of aces, or just pick two and hold them. If you get a pair of aces and a flush draw, you will wonder whether to keep the pair or discard it in the hopes of getting a flush.

The safest course of action is to keep the pair but the best action is to go for the flush. A pair will only pay you even money while a flush will pay you 6 times your original bet, so it is worth the risk.

Since there are a lot of games that offer different paying hands, gamble features, and wild cards, it is essential to check the rules and the paytable of the video poker game before you start playing.

Knowing the minimum paying hand is quite important. The names of some video poker games might give you a clue, such as Tens or Better a pair of tens is the minimum hand and Jacks or Better a pair of jacks is the minimum hand.

For other games, it is essential to check the paytable and know the minimum paying hand because it will affect your decisions during the game.

When you play poker, a few simple little tricks can make a big difference in regards to your return. Not all video poker games are created equal, and it pays to do a little looking around.

If you have several online casinos you would like to play at, take the time to check pay tables before you start wagering. The differences can be quite large.

If one site has Double Double Bonus Poker When you learn the Jacks or Better strategy, you take a giant step toward learning strategies for other games.

The basic format, with a pair of Jacks being the lowest paying hand, is a starting point for most non-wild card games, including Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Super Aces, and more.

Or would you rather take a shot at the royal flush? This is not quite as easy as the last hand. Here is another example along the same lines as the previous hand.

Assume you are dealt a flush in spades. Here is your hand: Ks Qs Js Ts 3s. While you have total control over the five cards that have been dealt, not every decision that you might make has the same impact.

To use an extreme example, let us assume you are dealt a hand containing four 3s and an ace. What would you do here? Would you save the straight flush consisting of the 9 of spades through the king of spades?

Or would you decide to save the four cards of a royal flush and once again hope for lightening to strike? A straight flush pays very well, but a royal flush pays many times more.

This is a truly difficult decision. Again, the choice is totally yours. Do you save the flush for the sure win?

Or would you rather save the four cards of a royal flush and hope to hit the jackpot? Since a flush pays quite a bit more than the high pair that was in the previous example, the decision with this hand is even harder to make.

It should be obvious that the proper play is to hold the two kings. There is really nothing else worth saving in the hand. This tends to be the case for most of the hands that you are dealt.

Most video poker players make their decisions about what to hold and what to discard based on intuition or hunches.

In this hand: 4c 5c 6c 7d Ts. This type of video poker player bases every hold decision on what he or she feels is the best play.

Are there a lot of high pairs? How about straights — are they happening fairly frequently? Have there been streaks of full houses or flushes?

These players make their hold decisions based on how the cards have been flowing in the recent past. Holding cards based on what you feel is correct or holding based on the flow of the cards are both technically strategies.

But the video poker game manufacturers set up pay tables based on the math of the game so the casinos will be sure to make a profit from them.

Therefore in order for you to make the most of your video poker playing experience, you need to use a strategy that is based on the same math.

Playing hunches or streaks may work for a hand or two or possibly even a session or two , but far more often these tactics will not work.

In fact, by employing these types of playing strategies, you will end up giving the casino even more of your hard earned money than you need to.

Only by using mathematically derived video poker playing strategies will you get every cent you can from your video poker play over the long run.

Obviously you will not run across hands such as these very often, but they do demonstrate a point. That point — each hand that is dealt is a unique situation.

How you decide to handle that situation could make a big difference in the outcome of the hand. The same situation happens at a much less exciting level in each and every hand that is dealt.

To be honest, most video poker hands leave very little doubt as to the best way to play the hand. It does not take a lot of skill or intuition to know what to do when dealt a hand such as this one Ks Kd 3h 6c 8s.

Unlike slot players, video poker players have a say in the outcome of the game. Because the player has a choice in video poker play, it is possible to play the hands in a way that is most beneficial to the player.

Most video poker players use hunches or play streaks. Only a mathematically derived video poker playing strategy will get you the most from your video poker play.

You learned in section 6. There are several different ways to develop a video poker playing strategy.

It could be tailored to favor hitting royal flushes. A strategy developed in this way could be useful in video poker tournaments where the participant has a limited amount of time to get a high score in order to win.

This type of strategy would see a greater number of royal flushes. It would however also see a smaller return to the player because smaller winning hands would be sacrificed in favor of holding for a royal flush.

Another type of strategy could favor winning as many hands as possible regardless of the amount of the win.

For example, any time a high pair is dealt it would be saved even if there were decent shots at a royal flush or other higher paying results in the same hand.

This type of strategy may find the player winning more hands, but the amount won per hand would be significantly less than is possible.

Think about how normal video poker play goes. After depositing your initial amount, you start playing hand after hand. Most often you lose your bet.

The next most frequent occurrence is to simply get your bet returned by hitting a high pair or sometimes two pairs that returns 1 for 1. You will also hit other higher paying but less frequent hands.

In each case, however, unless you hit a royal flush or other very high paying hand such as four aces with a kicker, the amount you win is not enough to cash out and be considered a good win for the day.

Instead, all of these lesser wins are really just extra money that allows you to play a few more hands in order to try to win the jackpot sized hand s.

With this in mind, the optimal strategy is one designed to win as much as possible from each initial hand dealt.

In this way the player will get as many hands as possible to chase the coveted jackpot sized hands. The process for developing the strategy charts is a tedious one.

There are 2,, possible five card hands in a 52 card deck. Here is a table showing all the possible video poker hands for a non-wild card video poker game.

Each of the 2,, hands must be examined. Each possible hold combination for each of these hands must then be examined to determine all possible resulting hands and the returns for them.

Take this sample hand: As 3s 4h 5c Kd. All possible resulting hands and pays for a hold of just the ace of hearts must be calculated.

Video poker, unlike many casino games, offers you at least some degree of control over the odds. Games like roulette and slot machines have no strategy.

The decisions you make are essentially meaningless. Video poker, on the other hand, resembles blackjack.

You can use strategic thinking to improve your chances of winning and decrease the house edge. We talk more about that in the next section.

That probability is determined by the random number generator. A random number generator is a computer program that constantly cycles through numbers at the rate of thousands of numbers per second.

Each number corresponds to a different stop on the reel in a slot machine game. Or in the case of a video poker game, each number corresponds to a playing card.

There are no decisions to be made. You put your money in, your spin the reels, and you accept the outcome. Several, if not most, casino games are like this.

You have no way of affecting the odds no matter how smart you are. The odds of winning a single number bet in roulette are 37 to 1, no matter what kind of strategy you use.

You DO have the opportunity to make decisions which affect your outcome. The expected return of a bet, video poker or otherwise, can be calculated if you know the probability of winning and losing.

You also need to know how much you stand to win and how much you stand to lose. You add those two numbers together to get your overall expectation.

If you guess the correct outcome, you win 25 cents. But if you tallied all your net wins and losses over time, and if you played for a long time, your results would eventually start to conform to the mathematical expectation.

Return is usually measured as a percentage. In this case,

Top Ten Casinos. Instead, all of these lesser wins are really just extra money that allows you to play a few more hands in order to try to win the jackpot sized hand s. It can also be filled Wer War Rose Marie Awad a 2 on the low end and a 6 on the high end. Video Poker Tutorial. Video Poker was introduced in the early s and started by Poker-Matic Dale Electronics. By the video poker machines could be seen in almost all casinos, with the addition of wild cards and fun variations like Joker Poker and Deuces Wild. 11/10/ · Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner is another volume from the aforementioned Bob Dancer. In this book, he provides a step-by-step plan for becoming a successful video poker player. He focuses on first things first, like how to identify the best pay tables. Without that information, your memorization of strategy is next to useless. Video Poker Strategy Trainer – Strategy Cards, Cheat Sheets & More. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things video poker strategy. Consider this page your personal video poker trainer, as it covers the most common need-to-knows, how to up your game and common strategy myths. You can skip to the most pertinent sections by using the.
Video Poker Tutorial
Video Poker Tutorial

Des Jahres, dass gleich mehrere dutzend Top Provider einer Video Poker Tutorial. - Most Popular Games

While we resolve the issue, check out these similar games you might enjoy.

In Poker Essen a case, dass die Kunden ein vielfГltigeres Video Poker Tutorial abwechslungsreicheres Portfolio auf dem. - Geschichte von Videopoker

In diesem Spiel gibt es keine anderen Spieler — Spieler werden nur für die erzielte Pokerhand belohnt, ohne The House Of Fun diese mit anderen Pokerhänden verglichen werden muss.
Video Poker Tutorial Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker, total of 19 variations plus perfect play trainer. Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker, total of 17 variations plus perfect play trainer. Spieltutorial für Videopoker. Geschichte – Spielanleitung – Regeln – Wahscheinlichkeiten – Strategie. Videopoker ist eine Einzelspielerversion von Poker, die. Bei den Video-Poker-Spielen auf win2day geht es darum, ein gutes Fünf-Karten-​Poker-Blatt zu erreichen: Royal Flush, Straight Flush oder Poker. Bei den Video.


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